How Much Time, Money and Opportunities Have You Wasted Because of Procrastinating?

I've Got Some Quick Questions For You...

How would your life look like if you'd never procrastinate again? 

How would you feel if you consistently got your important tasks done - fast and with a smile on your face?

Would you have more free time, less stress and feel less guilty? 

Would you feel better about yourself, achieve more and finally make impactful progress?

It's probably not the first time you've looked into how to stop procrastinating.. 

But why hasn't this happened for you yet? 

Because you've been fed the WRONG information about WHY we humans procrastinate.. 

All of that is going to change RIGHT now..  

I've been diving deep into human psychology and I've discovered the 4 hidden pscyhological reasons WHY we procrastinate and HOW to break this life-destroying habit once and for all.

... And that's exactly what you'll be getting from 'Stop Procrastinating'

A proven method (backed by psychology) that will remove procrastination entirely out of your life. 

My name is Jari Roomer, and I've been a HUGE procrastinator for years..

‘Oh no.. Not this question again..' 

I could feel the shame and anxiety coming up again.. I felt like a fraud. A failure.  

My friends probably must have thought I was crazy. Or worse, delusional.  

‘Alright Jari, just put up a smile and answer the question as if you’re completely confident. Just pretend things are going well and let’s direct the conversation somewhere else’ - I thought to myself.  

'Yeah, it's going okay. Still no sales yet but I'm working on it! I expect that it won't be long before I'll start to see results. Thanks for asking.’  

But deep down inside I knew that things weren't okay..

You see, up until that point, more than a year had passed since starting my very first business.  

All my friends knew about this, and they've been asking the same (well-intended) question for more than a year now: ‘How’s your business doing, Jari?’  

Well, to be honest, I didn’t earn a single dollar for an entire year. My business sucked. Hard. 

I sucked as an entrepreneur. I was struggling and I felt like a complete failure.  

Deep down inside I knew it was all my own fault for being stuck in the same place for more than a year.  

The problem was not that I didn't know enough marketing tactics or that I didn't know how to build a business

No, the problem was a lot deeper..  

The problem was that I just didn't do what I was supposed to be doing - at least not with enough impact, intensity and consistency.

Sounds familiar?

You see, I was a procrastinator. And a really good one too. 

I set ambitious goals for my future, which made me feel good about myself, but I wasn't able to make them a reality. Not even close.  

It wasn’t like I did no work at all. It was just that I lacked consistency and impact. I procrastinated a lot more than I knew I should.  

I could clearly imagine how successful my Future Self would be like, but my Present Self was still watching Game of Thrones even though he should have been working.  

The guilt, shame and anxiety just increased and increased over time as my actions were not in line with my ambitions.

As soon as I realised the problem was me (and not my circumstances) I had my big “Ah-ha” moment…  

That’s when I decided I HAD to make a change.  

I decided that I no longer would feel the guilt and anxiety of procrastinating - and no longer would I feel like a fraud or a failure. 

So, first I tried looking at motivational videos every day - it worked for an hour or so and then I'd procrastinate again..  

Then, I tried to ‘just be disciplined’, and it was a little better, but I'd still fall back into old behaviour again.  

That’s when I finally decided to really study procrastination.  

For months, I've been diving deep into the science of procrastination, motivation and productivity. I've been learning from the best coaches, psychologist and high-performers like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Brendon Burchard.  

And guess what..  

Slowly but surely, I've been able to completely disarm procrastination. It was amazing!

After months of studying and experimenting, I realised one thing

Only very few people know the exact psychological reasons why we procrastinate. Most advice out there is just ‘feel-good’ BS that doesn’t tackle the REAL core of the problem.

And the danger is, procrastination leads to some serious problems in life...

It has been scientifically proven that procrastination leads to: 

  • Increased stress
  • Health problems
  • Poorer job & study performance
  • More sleep issues than non-procrastinators 
  • Greater stressful regret than non-procrastinators
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Cause guilt, shame and self-critical thoughts  

I say, enough is enough. 

For years, people have been talking about how procrastination is a laziness problem, and when I figured out that wasn’t true (at all), I was finally able to break out of the chains of procrastination and get the results I desired all along. In fact, the roots of procrastination are buried deep inside 4 hidden psychological reasons.  

The real problem is that traditional education doesn’t teach you ANY of this stuff.  

And even popular self-development advice doesn’t tackle the REAL issue at hand. 

They mean well, but they simply feed you the WRONG information - sending you even further down the loop of frustration and overwhelm. And with distractions around every corner, its no wonder so many people struggle with procrastination these days...  

Once I discovered the 4 REAL reasons why I (and millions of others) procrastinated so much, I started to really get results FAST. 

Every day, I started to feel more motivated and productive. I was amazed by how much more I was able to accomplish in such a short time.  

The lessons and principles that I've learned would eventually transform my entire life. Since then, I've been able to build two businesses that enable me to live a life of freedom. Freedom from location, freedom from a boss and freedom from a 9-5 schedule.  

Not only was I producing and creating at higher levels than ever before, my self-esteem was also starting to increase. 

I started to feel more confident and I got rid of some fears that I didn’t even know I had.  

I even began to take new actions that I would have never taken before, which helped me grow my business and income to levels that I had never gone before.  

Today, I hardly ever procrastinate again (and when I do, I know exactly what to do in order to quickly stop doing it).

Each day, I feel well prepared to crush my to-do's and make meaningful progress towards my bigger goals. 

I get the job done - faster and with more consistency than ever before.  

I can finally enjoy my free-time without feeling guilty anymore. And the best part is, I no longer feel like a failure or a fraud.

I'm not saying this to brag.. I'm saying this to show you that it's possible to get rid of this limiting factor once and for all. If I can do it, you can do it too.

I credit my entire transformation and results to the fact that I’ve learned how to overcome procrastination. I would not be who I am today without this skill. 

And that's why I'm so passionate about helping you do the same. 

In fact, I'm SO PASSIONATE about helping people overcome procrastination, that I created an online video training program called, Stop Procrastinating: Break The Procrastination Habit Today.

'Stop Procrastinating' is the result of the years I've spend dedicating myself to mastering the principles and techniques that enabled me to break free from procrastination and skyrocket my productivity..

The goal of this training program is to help you to break free from the chains of procrastination so that you can start to produce, create and perform at higher levels than you've ever done before.

After following this course, it’ll be so much easier to work (or study) with consistency, impact and intensity, without it feeling like a drag.  

You’ll find that procrastination will hardly ever come up anymore - and when it does, you’ll know exactly what to do in order to get rid of it asap.

But I don't want you to take as long as I did.. I want you to learn in a few hours what took me months of hard work.  

Projects that used to take me weeks or even months to achieve, I can now get done in a few days - simply because I no longer waste time, procrastinate or postpone my work.  

That’s what I want for you too. It's my reason for creating the Stop Procrastinating course!

After following this course you’ll be able to...

  • Break the procrastination habit once and for all, so you can actually make your goals & dreams a reality..
  • Generate motivation at your command, so you’ll no longer feel like postponing your work..
  • Breakthrough the hidden fears that are holding you back, so you can finally create, perform and produce freely and with ease.. 
  • Work with REAL consistency and impact, so you can finally start to get the results you desire and deserve..  

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying:

Jesse Abbey

'Wow! I didn't expect to encounter such profound knowledge in this course. I tend to struggle with procrastination, and this course was incredibly eye-opening on WHY I procrastinate. 

Jari shares some great insights as well as very practical how-to 's. Procrastination was such a bottle-neck for me, so without exaggerating: I feel like this course might have been a life-changing moment for me... Thanks so much, Jari!' 

Dion Cuiper

'Procrastination has been such a pain for me to tackle for at least a few years now. That's why I love Jari's approach in this course. He really provides an in-depth look on how procrastination actually works so that you can analyze your own behavior and catch yourself every single time it comes up. 

With each reason for procrastination comes a whole bunch of detailed steps you can take against it. That's just a massive help to me. It really feels like i'm breaking an old habit and replacing it with more productive and creative output 1 little victory at the time. I would recommend this course to anyone who's looking to grow and make an impact, however small or big!' 

Saurabh Chandrasekhar

'The thing I love about Jari's course is that it explores the most common roadblocks, many of which are subconscious programming. 

As I went through each chapter, I literally thought to myself: 'Yes, I can totally relate to that one!' 

Once there is awareness about these obstacles, it becomes easy to overcome them.

Let me ask you a question…

Would you like to get access to this proven method (backed by psychology) that will remove procrastination out of your life? 

For less than the cost of a cheap meal for two, you can get access to everything inside of ‘Stop Procrastinating’.

Now, while it would be impossible to show you ALL of the benefits of Stop Procrastinating, I want to show you some of the things that you’ll experience as soon as you’re on the inside. 

In 'Stop Procrastinating' You’ll Learn.. 

  • The 4 Hidden Psychological Reasons Why People Procrastinate 
  • 18 Productivity & Motivation Techniques To Stop Procrastinating & Start Crushing It 
  • The 4 Types of Subconscious Fears That Lead To Procrastination (And Anxiety) 
  • How To Set Up Your Environment So You Won’t Procrastinate Anymore 
  • How Almost Everyone Falls Into The Trap of 'Productive Procrastination' (Without Realizing It) 
  • How The Laws of Physics Help With Overcoming Procrastination and Becoming Unstoppable 
  • How Asking 1 Simple (Yet Powerful) Question Will Spark The Fire Within To Stop Procrastinating 
  • How Your 'Mental State' Determines Your Motivation and Productivity (And How To Take Control Over It)  

In other words, you’ll learn the exact system that I use every single day in order to stop procrastinating and start working with impact, intensity and consistency so you can finally get the results you deserve. 

Plus, you’ll get a few valuable bonuses: 

Bonus #1: The ‘Stop Procrastinating’ E-Book (Value of $27)  

Bonus #2: ABCDE Method Daily Worksheet (Value of $17)

Bonus #3: My Productivity ‘Manifesto’ (Value of $197)

Bonus #4: 6 Bonus Tips To Stop Procrastinating, Get More Done In Less Time & Achieve Your Goals (Value of $99) 

The total value of all of this is at least $340 because thats already the value of what you'll be receiving in bonuses alone. I'm not even taking into account the course itself! 

But in my experience, the real value of all of this knowledge is much, much higher.  

Let me ask you something important...

What are the costs if you keep on procrastinating?

What will it cost you financially? 

What will it cost you in your self-esteem and confidence?  

What will it cost you in your quality of life if you keep procrastinating and miss out on your best life possible?

If all this training did was give you the skills you need to create, produce and perform like you never did before, would it be worth it? If all this did was remove the frustration, anxiety and guilt of procrastination out of your life forever, would it be worth it?  

Now, I’m not going to charge you $340 (That would be crazy)

I’m only going to charge you $37

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30-Day Risk Free Guarantee  

I’m going to take on all the risk, and give you my 30-day risk-free guarantee. 

I invite you to use the strategies that I share with you over a 30-day period, and if you aren't convinced that the training has brought positive changes into your life, then reach out and I'll refund you asap - no questions asked. 

But you must act now because...

I honestly don't know how long I’ll be offering this course publicly before I make it EXCLUSIVE for the PGL membership area (coming soon)  

“The really happy people are those who have broken the chains of procrastination, those who find satisfaction in doing the job at hand. They’re full of eagerness, zest, productivity. You can be, too.” 

- Norman Vincent Peale (self-development author)

Just imagine what life will be like when you no longer procrastinated…

How much time would you gain back? How much more money would you be able to earn? How much more would you be able to get done? How will you feel about yourself? What will that do to your confidence and self-esteem?  

Only $37

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To Your Personal Growth,

Jari Roomer (Founder Personal Growth Lab)


You’ll get lifetime access to a proven method to finally stop procrastinating once and for all. 

You’ll learn the 4 hidden psychological reasons why people procrastinate - and the 18 strategies in order to stop procrastinating and start crushing it instead. 

In a few hours, you’ll get rid of procrastination completely (something that took me years to learn).  

So, click the button below and join now in order to transform your life - all for just the price of less than a dinner for two.  

Only $37

Enrollment Closes In...


30-Day Risk Free Guarantee  

I’m going to take on all the risk, and give you my 30-day risk-free guarantee. 

I invite you to use the strategies that I share with you over a 30-day period, and if you aren't convinced that the training has brought positive changes into your life, then reach out and I'll refund you asap - no questions asked.