Free Training: How To Achieve Your Goals In 2020

Recent studies have shown that 92% fail to achieve their goals and resolutions in the new year...

In This 4-Part Training Series You'll Learn:

  • How To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2020
  • The Science-Backed Method To Consistently Achieve Your Goals
  • How To Avoid The 4 Most Common Mistakes That Lead To Failure
  • How To Go From Overwhelmed & Struggling To Laser-Focused & Successful
  • The Psychological Trick To Stop Procrastinating & Push Through Obstacles (When Others Would Give Up)

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Your Instructor: Jari Roomer

Jari Roomer is the founder of Personal Growth Lab and a popular writer on 

Through his articles, coaching, and courses, he shares scientifically proven self-development strategies that help high-achievers elevate their performance in life & business.

When he's not writing or coaching, he enjoys traveling, watching football (especially Ajax), reading, kickboxing, and walking around his hometown Amsterdam.

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